Repair or Replace

Gearbox repairs usually involve some sort of problem for the mechanic diagnosing and fixing the issue. There are a variety of common issues that consistently arise that leave the repairer debating on whether it would be more cost effective to get a replacement car part from a car breakers or dismantlers yard. Find the exact year and model of vehicle can sometimes prove difficult as different models of car will sometimes have different gearboxes and the part number may not match that of the vehicle being fixed.

If you do decide it would be best to get a replacement gearbox instead of banging your head against the wall repairing the existing one, the next step is finding its replacement.

Although there are many car parts websites in Ireland, many of the carĀ dismantlersĀ in Northern Ireland and car breakers have been reluctant to advertise all the available parts online due to the time it would take to catalogue all the different component parts . Irish motoring website Everything Motoring Ireland have helped solve this by giving dealers the option of advertising either the whole car for breaking or the individual parts. This allows the car dismantlers more flexibility in how they get their available used parts in front of potential buyers. If they have the resources and time to put all of the parts online they can do it or alternatively they can just put the car itself online and let potential buyers know which parts of the car are available.

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