Main problems with gearboxes

A car is a machine and just like any other, it’s also prone to problems. The car transmission system has a very complex mechanism which translates to higher chances of troubles and glitches, especially gearbox problems. These problems can be a nightmare, as they can ground your car, until they are completely fixed. Since the working of car gearboxes is very complex, any problem should be left to professionals as you may complicate things further by fixing it on your own. But, some basic knowledge about transmission can help you troubleshoot these problems. This article highlights the common encountered transmission problems, along with their symptoms. When buying used cars in NI or in any location ensure proper checks are carried out like mileage check and previous owner inquiries. A full HPI check is the most comprehensive vehicle check you could do to ensure peace of mind before buying. If you are on the market for used car parts you can place a request on

Fluid Leak

Most gearbox troubles are often associated with fluid leakage problems. Transmission fluid is used to lubricate the moving components of the gearbox. It also serves as a heat sink that absorbs the heat energy generated in the transmission system. Fluid leak can be triggered by several factors such as poor installation and broken seal. It often starts, either if the filler tube becomes loose or if the pan gasket becomes defective. The car transmission system is generally exposed to high temperatures, which makes it prone to a lot of tear and wear. This can lead to an eventual breakdown, thereby causing the fluid to leak.

Gear Slipping

This is another common car gearbox problem. Slipping symptoms include:

– Transmission delay: Delayed response in the car’s acceleration even after pressing the gas.

– High RPM: Abnormal increase in revolutions per minute of the engine.

– Abrupt downshifting: When you are driving on a high gear at a constant speed and the car abruptly shifts to a low gear without changing speeds, the car may be experiencing a slipping problem.

This problem can be attributed to incorrect fluid levels, broken bands or gears or even internal clutch. To avoid this problem, ensure you regularly check the transmission fluid levels.

Surging of Transmission

Abnormal jerking movements while changing gears is an indicator of transmission surge. When the transmission engages or disengages, a defective gearbox doesn’t smoothly shift into the new gear, and the car engine delays to adjust to the new resistance offered by the car wheels. This transmission problem is often experienced at lower gears.


If your temperature indicator shows a high temperature but you find that your car radiator is just fine, then there is a possibility that the car has a gearbox problem. Overheating of the car transmission system is often caused by clogged fluid cooler lines. It can also be caused by a drop in the fluid levels or malfunctioning of the oil pump. Damage to the fluid pump may also lead to overheating of the gearbox.


Due to prolonged tear and wear of gears or low levels of transmission fluids, knocking noise might be heard. This indicates an imminent transmission failure.

These were some of the most common problems in the car gearbox. If you notice any of these symptoms, visit a repair shop immediately. Further delay in doing so, would ultimately result in very costly repairs. Find car parts in Northern Ireland or anywhere in Ireland on Everything Motoring.

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